Technology development trend of epoxy insulation industry

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Technology development trend of epoxy insulation industry

In the 21st century, in the context of technological progress and broadened application fields, China's epoxy insulation industry has continued to develop rapidly. The product is widely used in GIS insulation, medium voltage switch insulation, solid-sealed poles, and solid-insulated switches In various fields such as cable joints, a complete industrial system has been formed from research and development, production to application, and a group of advantageous enterprises with independent research and development capabilities, advanced process technology and product quality have gradually become the main force of the domestic industry Army, occupying most of the domestic market share, while actively participating in international competition and expanding the international market.

上遊 The upstream industry of epoxy insulation is a competitive industry, and its changes in production capacity and demand have less impact on the development of the epoxy insulation industry. The main raw materials of the epoxy insulation industry-epoxy resin, metal inserts and molds, can all be adequately supplied in the domestic market. In addition, upstream technological advancement, cost reduction, and production efficiency improvement can also promote the development of epoxy insulation. However, the cost and price fluctuations of upstream industries will increase the operating risks of the epoxy insulation industry.

The epoxy insulation industry is closely related to the development of the downstream industry. The downstream industry has a greater traction and driving effect on the development of the epoxy insulation industry. The investment in power grids, electrified railways and other infrastructure, especially the changes in the state's investment in power grid construction and transformation have a decisive impact on the future development of epoxy insulation. At present, China's accelerated investment in power grids and electrified railways has maintained a sustained and rapid growth of the entire power transmission and distribution equipment industry and will drive demand for epoxy insulation products in the long run. In addition, the increase in downstream industries' requirements for the safe operation of power transmission and distribution equipment will promote the technological advancement and process improvement of epoxy insulation parts, which is conducive to the development and growth of advantageous enterprises.

From the perspective of insulation materials and insulation methods, with the continuous improvement of the safety and reliability requirements of power transmission and distribution systems, the insulation methods of power transmission and distribution equipment are developing in the direction of miniaturization, oil-free, and porcelain-free. The development of insulation has laid a solid foundation.

From the perspective of insulation functionalization and insulation requirements, as the electrical industry increasingly develops higher voltages and higher loads, power transmission and distribution equipment, especially switchgear equipment, is moving toward high voltage, large capacity, miniaturization, and compactness. In the process of non-pollution, high reliability, intelligentization and combination, the requirements for insulation are becoming more and more demanding, and it is required to reduce the size to a smaller size under the premise of continuously improving electrical, mechanical, and thermal performance. , Environmental friendliness, functional composite intelligence

From the perspective of the epoxy insulation company's own management, advanced and stable process technology has always been a reliable basis for ensuring the performance of all aspects of the product. Therefore, the production is simplified, the cycle is shortened, the process is automated, energy is saved, and materials can be recycled. It is undoubtedly the future technology development trend of epoxy insulation parts.